Who are theSlacks?

Shimmering Subversive Singalongs that are at once dire and light-hearted, weighted perfectly for a world stitched up and coming apart at the seams.


Two unique singer-songwriters locked in with an assiduous, lithe-heavy rhythm section to deliver a poignant social commentary powered by an unselfish desire to entertain.


Best known for antipodean-pop hits, Big Aroha and Yeah Nah, theSlacks recognise community, spirit and kicking back for the sake of the soul.

Why so Slack?

theSlacks was formed in early 2000 by brothers Scott and Mark Armstrong and has survived well under the radar for 20 years, becoming AotearoaNZ's most popular unknown band. 

Back then, the band name was a way of deflecting the self-serious angst that stained the late nineties but it also expresses very little in the way of musical connotations and this had a blank-canvas appeal to the band members.

These days, the self-deprecating name has more to do with rejecting the modern safety dance in favour of savouring what is real.

Song writing.

Brothers Mark and Scott, alike yet very different, write the songs.  They write in isolation, rarely working together during the inception of a song and so two distinctly different styles of Slack are present.

In complete contrast, the development of the song is highly collaborative.  All band members work the quality control switches,  contributing musical ideas and expertise and keeping each other in check.

This vital piece of Slacks wisdom - four heads are better than one - lies at the heart of theSlacks modus operandi. 

Often narrative style observations, vignettes or character studies, Slacks songs are lyrically potent, often illusively upbeat or deceptively dark.

Mercury Lane, a jaunty, Kinksian observation of moral decay in Auckland city is one example of the music belying the lyric.

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The recording process tends to be malleable but a lot is laid down as a group, especially vocals.  The immediate connection between people is an important ingredient in theSlacks' vibe.

Live Sounds Like..

Buffed with a charming rough polish, theSlacks are at once gentle and hard as stone, delivering danceable beats, joyful indie-pop and a welcoming vibe that resonates with questing minds in these testing times.

Are We Experienced?

Early on, theSlacks cut their teeth in the pubs around Auckland town.  There was no circuit and theSlacks worked it hard.  It's where Marky learned to read a crowd. 

Now veterans of the Taranaki festival circuit, theSlacks are stretching their satchel of tricks to spread their irreverent rockabilly-blues (celtic-country-ska-folk) boogie-woogie-swing style far and wide.

Festival Highlights.

7 Mar 2020 - Hokitika Wildfoods Festival. 

1 Feb 2020 - King Beats, Kingston. 

3 Nov 2018 - Nelson Cider Festival. 

17 Mar 2018 - WOMAD, New Plymouth. 

10 Mar 2018 - Hokitika Wildfoods Festival.