1. Summer Baby

From the recording Welcome To The Rolling Vibe

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Summer Baby

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See. See my baby. Summer baby. Summer babe.

Champagne sunsets later in the day running down my back like lemonade
Greens are changing, girls are ranging wine drops on my face
And I feel summer’s on the way.

I feel flowers blooming in my head
I up upon the cold and stoned him dead
Howling at the sunrise I ain’t going to compromise this vibe
I feel Summer’s on the rise.

See. See my baby. Summer baby. Summer babe.
Trampoline into the sun ‘cause life’s too short to not have fun
Stop for gasoline and gum
And try to catch the drift we’re on. Try to count the trips we’re on.
Try to catch the drift.

O. M. G. you make me L.O.L.
The sunset looks just like you cast a spell.
Room is warming moon disarming wine drops on your face
And I feel Summer’s on the way.